Running Validator Node

Running a validator node is a great way to support the network and contribute to the security of the network. It requires a local setup at home on your own server or it up remotely on a cloud.

Reward Rate: 5-7% APY.

The reward rate is determined by scaling the reward per EMYC token staked and scaling it by the daily frequency of epochs and the number of days in a year, adjusting it to the proportion of total staked tokens and the available supply and then dividing this total by engaged balance.

Minimum Stake tokens: 500,000 EMYC.

The current minimum required for staking is 500,000 EMC tokens. Lockup time: 30 days When you join in the validator, your stake will automatically be locked up for a duration of 30 days. Stake can be unlocked upon request to us but will only be withdrawable after 30 days.

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