E Money Network Whitelist

Scallop’s E Money Network is unique among blockchains as it implements KYC on the chain. Before an 0x address is able to interact with the chain or send out any transactions on the E Money Network the user must whitelist or KYC the address from their respective E Money wallet or Whitelisted application..

In order to do this users first need to download the E Money Network wallet extension. They then create a user account which is used in the KYC verification process.

Once the user wallet is KYC approved, they can go to https://whitelist.emoney.network/login and log in using their E Money Network wallet credentials.

Since the E Money Network uses additional layers of authentication to make our applications more secure and robust, an OTP-based email verification is required. This is a more secure way to log into the user's whitelisted account.

By clicking on “Connect Wallet” users can select an address they want to whitelist from their Metamask wallet.

Once users click submit the address will be whitelisted followed by a confirmation message.

When the user's address gets whitelisted it can be used to access and interact within the E Money Network.

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