EMYC Token’s Utility & Purpose

EMYC is the token of record for the E Money Network.

  • EMYC is also the gas fee token on the E Money Network.

EMYC tokens Emissions and Burning

Total Supply of EMYC tokens is the amount of tokens that exists at any given time whether locked or unlocked.

Circulating Supply is the total amount of EMYC that exists and is unlocked (excluding any locked portion).

All of the gas fees paid in the EMYC ecosystem are paid in EMYC and burnt.

The daily node emissions of EMYC hinge on the current Total Supply of EMYC token.

EMYC Total Supply undergoes reduction through the burning of EMC as gas within the EMYC ecosystem. EMYC’s Total Supply also undergoes reduction through the burning of EMYC during the redemption process (depending on user inputs).

Estimated Reward Value

Due to the dynamic nature of E Money Network rewards and the unpredictability of node adoption rates, it's challenging to establish an exact valuation at any specific moment. The table presented below offers one way to think about an "implied" valuation, but it relies on a few assumptions. The primary assumption is that the number of nodes sharing the entire node allocation is limited to the cumulative amount up to its respective tier. Bear in mind the node allocation will be emitted over a number of years. On the other hand, the table does not account for the possibility that burning 100% of gas might lead to periods of deflation, potentially increasing network rewards. In reality, the realised valuation could be materially better or worse, so it is advisable to model your own scenarios when considering value.

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