Contract Verification​

(Under development)

Publishing the source code for our smart contracts is an excellent way to instil confidence in our users and offering users the following benefits:

  • Transparency: By making the source code publicly available, you demonstrate a commitment to openness and transparency. Users can inspect the code to ensure that it aligns with their intended functionality and does not contain any hidden or malicious features.

  • Trust: Users are more likely to trust a smart contract if they can review the underlying source code. By giving users the ability to verify the source code provides them with a sense of control and security.

Users can also verify their smart contracts by using the E Money Network Testnet Explorer. The procedure is as follows:

  • navigate to your published contract address on the explorer

  • on the code tab select verify & publish

  • copy and paste the flattened source code and enter all the build parameters exactly as they are on the published contract

  • click Verify & publish

If verification is successful the code tab will show a green checkmark and users will be able to verify the contents of your contract. This feature provides users with a strong positive signal that indicates that they can trust your contracts. Implementing this procedure is highly recommended for all production contracts.

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